About Me

Driving Bus and Beyond...


I said good-bye to secretarial work in 1989. Driving bus meant that I worked  the same days that my kids had school. I never intended to stay until my retirement, but I loved driving, my 'bus kids', and having summers off. 

  Besides school transportation, I have experience with:





My Education


Since school bus drivers never make much money, I decided to go back to school to be a pharmaceutical representative. At 42, I graduated with a  Bachelor's Degree in Animal Science, and worked for Novartis in the Animal Health Division. After they enlarged my territory and wanted me to move, I went back to driving a school bus. Happy Days!


I've kept up with professional development by constantly learning from the best in the copywriting industry. I've been coached and mentored by the top copywriters in the business, so I bring not only creativity and industry knowledge, but professionalism to your marketing plan.

Why Trust Me?


I speak transportation. Since becoming a freelance writer, I've been a regular contributor to School Transportation News and Bus and Motorcoach News.

Through the years, I've made many contacts in the industry, and through my magazine work and copywriting, I keep up with the current trends.

If you're looking for a magazine article, or copywriting: 

White Papers

Case Studies

E-Mail Marketing

SEO-Optimized Blogs

or other content,

I'm ready to work to create content to generate leads, engage prospects, and boost your ROI.

More About Me....in case you're interested

Lifelong Horsewoman


I'm a lucky girl. Not only did I grow up in an era where kids played outside, and learned life-lessons from Andy Griffith and T.V. cowboys, but I grew up with Shetland Ponies. The farms next to us had sheep, and dairy cows, respectively. 

I climbed trees, rode a bike, and my horse, with no helmets or other safety equipment. Went barefoot, too, and wandered in from playing outside unsupervised when I got hungry.

That was how it was, and I'm grateful. 

Successful Training My Own Horses


I will always have my horses. I've had a boarding stable, given lessons, hauled horses, trained horses, and even worked at Fingerlakes Race Track one summer (when I was 52!). I don't show anymore, but I still train and ride my own Quarter Horses, and they are usually Palominos.

Dogs, and Cats and Chickens - Oh My!


My buddies: Two Border Collies, a Lab, and my house cat. I'd been rototilling my very large garden. I grow a lot of vegetables, plus blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and have 21 fruit trees. 

Canning, pickling, freezing, and dehydrating tasty food is fun!

  There are always a variety of brown egg-layers clucking around as well.